My Followers

I miss you in
a matter of minutes
I will you
to come back
I want you
to watch
I just said
and good night
and I’m back
in a matter
of seconds

I pull open
my program
you show
yourselves quickly
I come undone
I unravel
inside my heart
then my mind
I have new
and followers
the 50+
I leave you
I close out
I exit
with my initials
I cross my
heart twice
with my pledge
that you like
I kiss my fingers

I want you back
I open another
on my laptop
you smile
from your end
you know you’re
in love
with my words
my mind
and my story
as I
write it all

I do not fault
or scold you
any longer
that stopped
long ago
you used to
piss me
right off
you now only
highlight my
words in
my sentences
you want to
know more about

I comply and
I write I keep
you all 50+
in my file
no names
no ID’s
We have spent
hours and hours
and years now
not to mention
many months
then there are
the moons that
have passed
as you watched
me sleep
you worried
for me
I love you
all for this
you kept watch
over me
you heard
what he did

You are
My Guards
I love every one
you asked
one simple question
in print
on my own photo
As I was editing
and creating it
More Ports
On a Sunday
I did not
I freaked
the fuck out
of dodge
then I
started to talk
to all of you
our relationship
now intact
for the future
you want the next
chapter so do I
you’ve no clue
how much
I miss writing them
this is book II
of one
maybe it will be
three I don’t know
but I think
we know
it is massive

then there is
the small issue
of my barely there
you fucking
loved that
you all know
that you did
Had I known
you were watching
months prior
I would not have
cum all over
my how things change
It was too late
by then
you had
already seen
exactly what
I do
When I Play
with myself

After that realization
and knowledge
I started
leaving the room
I would flee
behind closed
doors without
I would come back
after 30 minutes
you remained
then you started
to count
how many
Like I used to
then you read
the chapter
where my
came out
without my
I outed myself
as I wrote
my first book

It’s OK
That is fine
we are here
we have this
mutual understanding
quite clear
my words
get you off
you are addicted
how could
you not be
even my spouse is
my words
sometimes they
sting bite
and hurt
other times
they produce
cum in all
who dare
to touch this
I am unafraid
I have no shame
I am not
I have
massive balls
hiding inside me
I have hit send

I write
what I know
what I feel
what I want
what I need
what I have
to have
just like you
we all want
to play
and that’s OK
have no shame
there is
no sin
man made
that up
to keep
societies in
this ideal
has failed
we are glad
I know you
rejoice with me
every day
you are here

I know you
all love
my characters
as much as I do
and some of you
think you are him
he is special
you’re correct
many of you
are him
I will not name him
you know what I
call you
We know you’re him
his specialty
quite clear
to all of us
I understand
you only want
the next chapter
you want me
to make you cum
I seem to be
good at that
I didn’t know
this has
changed everything
It’s OK
I have resolved
this tiny
piece of me
I love you still
More Ports
you will have

they whisper to me:
it took you long enough!
we’ve been waiting!
we follow along!
we love what we see!
I know they do


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