Donkey Tail

french braid
he is pullin
on my
donkey tail
blind fold
on his wrist
here he comes
giant pin
in his hand
wooden fence
tied and bound
I am
his donkey tail
I think
looks like
you’ve won
a prize

I scream
pin me down
do it
pin me up
harder please
yes like that
do me
right here
in the grass
in the sun
fuck me hard
right here
do it now
in our yard
in the dirt
I think
I am
your donkey tail
looks like
you’ve won a prize

oh look
pin prick
on my skin
several places
you’re mean
you make me scream
you drugged me?
what you do 
so insane
oh no
here he comes
face fuck alert
no please yes

do me first
uh uh
you say
open wide
you whore
you bitch
you know
you love it
I sigh
he’s inside
my mouth
down my throat
he does me
in the sun
in the grass
I think
I am
his donkey tail
he has
won a prize
I think​ again​
Tag you’re it

oh my god
he’s gonna cum
he is thrusting
so hard
he is
fucking me
into the ground
my head slammed
he likes
it rough
he’s close
I can tell
he swells
he makes sounds
we scream
in our yard
because I am
his prize
I am his tail
I ​yell​
Tag Tag You’re It
This Time

He is
my donkey
he is hung
I like that
because I’m tight
he isn’t done
things start to
out of control
this time
he is mad
he has
lost his mind
his ever
good loving mind
his eyes
deadpan me
in the grass
here he comes
standing over me
whacking off

he is still
so hard so hung
and very soon
any second
climb back on
his donkey tail
here he is
on top of me
slamming down
in grass and dirt
I’m going to cum
he wants to watch
he wants to hear
the sounds I make
he has won a prize

I speak dirty words
as I receive
his huge
hung cock
harder now
he thrusts faster now
he’s lost all control
he will cum
he’s going to squirt
he will
lose his load
in the dirt
over me
here we go
the neighbors
have​ ran outside
to see what
the screaming is

Oh my god
people peeking
over the fence
god damn
California housing space
one inch
he has eight
he is now
inside me
on top
he’s fucking me
while our
neighbors watch
some clap
women yell
we never will
He yells
Frigid Cunts​!​
And I laugh
on my back
I feel his weight
I feel his breath
in my neck
as he cums
once again

I buck and thrash
I meet his
every pump  
of his hips
we are grinding
I hear clapping
whistling also
I cum with him
We have
an audience
and he says
to me
fucking glorious!
I have won
He is my
Donkey Tail
I have pinned
his mind and soul
now I blindfold
he is bound
I love this game
​and ​he sighs now 

whispers tag you’re it


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