Punish Me Up


it’s time
the wait was
it’s time
to doom us to hell
in my bed
surrounded by netting
and lighting
and video cameras
and things there are
not many words for
until you

it’s time
you’ve waited so long
its time
into my world
it’s wet
it’s hot
it’s messy
it’s nasty
it’s dirty
you tell me
you will have
all the above

I lied
I said I’d never
so hit me
bite me
slash me
cut me
tie me
bind me
punish me
punish me up
punish me
mess me up
punish me now

stick in the needle
taste my blood
suture me up
tie me in knots
punish me up
ruin my heart
any way that
you like
listen to me scream
listen to me cum
listen to you
make that sound

listen to you
punish me
just like you wanted
just like you
you you you
listen to you scream
listen to you cum
listen to me make that
punish us up
see you in hell
see you there
I’m the one
with the whip
I see
you chose
fantastic choice


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