Every Which Way

That I write
one word
Is a success
in my book
I’m not done with you
up on the roof
I intend to
savor you hard
I like getting
inside your mind
I like you
inside my head
I want you to
undo me
every which way

I expect you
to infiltrate
my dreams
tie me up
test me
give me pain
cover it up
with pleasure
hurt me hard
mess me up
then drink
the juice
that we make

I promise
I’ll do the same
to you
when we meet
Looking forward to
is putting it
It will be
so intense
It will be
so delightful
to take you
in my arms
and fuck you
half to death
then bring you back
to the surface
of life
over and over

breathe please now
breathe deep
I need to hear you
beat off
I need to
hear you cum
just for me
I need the sounds
that you make
in my head
Please fuck me
Every Which Way

after all this
I need to see
what you do to
I cannot wait


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