Drink To Excess

Wait a minute now
that’s too much
for me
he cries the food
the sex this lust
this dare I say
I am drunk
On your pussy
your heart
and your mind

you say
simmer down
you lovely creature
take this slow
savor me
eat my cock

I smile, my
face breaks at
the very thought
I’m pouring red wine
down your throat
you gulp
and choke
I say
I’m running outta
time here
I yell
Drink! Swallow!
Do as I say
You do not

God my pussy
smells good
U drink to Excess
you have
infected me
you fuck
I love you
so much

The very idea
of us
makes me so wet
the very idea
of us
Makes me cum
So drink to excess
You are
my guy
I know
You can
Handle yourself

BUT I cannot
to feel
your hands
all over
my turn
is coming up


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