I was wrong
I was rude
I showed
no regard
it was
and discourteous
I am
so uncivil
these days

No decorum
was shown
I was tart
brash bold
and brazen
he shocked me
and exicted
I had to
please him
I fucking
badly wanted
but never again

I knew he
was married
I knew he
said no
he questioned
my marriage
where is
your spouse
during all
this excitement
what’s outside
that photo?
he inquired
my life
I responded
should have
said my
messy kitchen

we were
vulgar and crude
in the best way
we were
on that day
to be
so honest
I loved
every fucking
he spent on us
even while
he drove
I know that
he watched

for that
short time
neither thought
life partner where
we were lost
it was lovely
I confess
I do
want more
he doesn’t

Now I honor
his decision
hoping that
he’ll come ‘round
to his senses
after his
family vacation
never again
he told me
mind said to me
sex is not
vulgar crude or rude
married or not
we were bliss
in those moments

Now I try
to move on
I fail
four days later
we will always
have this memory
no one
will erase
that what was
for 24
lovely hours
we are not
we both know it

I remember a day
my hand
on your
naked waist
in the sun
after the pool
at your house
your wet lips
your long hair
your god damn eyes
glancing me
your hands
softly touching
my lovely skin
your tongue
inside my mouth
your taste your feel
your everything
engulfing me
washing away
abuse and pain
I drownt in you
when we fucked
and kissed


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